Project – Reuniting Veterans with their Service Dogs


For its first project, FAIR CANINE FOUNDATION will assist with reuniting Veteran’s with their service dogs from overseas. The latter is only for returning or already returned military service dogs and only with Veteran owners.

Unlike many military service dogs today, Sergeant Stubby, having survived the rigors of trench warfare, returned home with his “owner” and became a celebrity.

In World War I, Sgt. Stubby was unique. Unlike other countries, The US did not have a formal training program for military dogs. Today, dogs are an exceptionally important part of the armed forces and perform dozens of different jobs to support our troops both on the front lines and when they return and even after discharge. It’s sad that because of military operations and procedures, most dogs do not remain with their partners. The partner may return to the states while the dog stays overseas and continues to work with new people. It may be several years before retirement and then it may have no one to care for it. FAIR CANINE FOUNDATION assists with the location and return of war dogs to their veteran handlers.

Read the full story of Sergeant Stubby.

Currently it takes over $2000 to bring a dog home from overseas
and reunite it with its Military Veteran owner.


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