Corporate Donations

Thank you for your interest in FAIR CANINE FOUNDATION. We offer three different methods for your business or corporation to help support service dogs.

Currently it takes over $2000 to bring a dog home from overseas
and reunite it with its Military Veteran owner.

No Pain, Your Gain

We offer the ability to donate to FAIR CANINE FOUNDATION a percentage of the monthly commission revenue generated from utilizing the merchant account services of Fairmed.

Fairmed is a Certified Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise (DVBE #1238360)

Fairmed is an authorized sales channel for First Data (Nasdaq: FDC). Please visit for more information.

Contact Tom at or Megan at for further details and to apply for a merchant account (or switch your current account). Personal service (unlike no other) combined with competitive pricing is Fairmed’s mantra.

Recent Donation

On behalf of Dog Star Foods, LLC., Fairmed is donating $25/month to FAIR CANINE FOUNDATION.

Current Recurring Corporate Donors

Click here to see the full list of our current donors utilizing merchant account services through Fairmed, Inc.

Recurring Donation

Corporations who set up a recurring direct donation deposit will get their names listed along with a link to their primary website. They will also receive regular, periodic letters, in accordance with the IRS rule for reporting Corporate donations.
Contact to for more information and to sign-up for this program.

Contacts to Participate

Megan or Tom Swaney
Fairmed, Inc. a Certified California
Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise
DVBE #1238360

Tom –
800-838-9598 ext 102

Megan –
800-838-9598 ext 104

One Time Corporate Donation

For onetime Corporate Donations you can donate via PayPal or by check. In accordance with IRS regulations, you will receive a letter thanking you and acknowledging your donation. For donations in excess of $10,000, your logo will be displayed on a ‘Corporate donors page.’

NOTE: currently we ONLY accept DONATIONS from companies and corporations.

We DO NOT accept personal/individual donations at this time.