Sergeant Stubby – Our First American ‘War Dog”

No one knows where Stubby was born or even his pedigree for sure. He was an ownerless stray when he was befriended by J. Robert Conrad, a private in the 102nd Infantry of the 26th “Yankee” Division in training at Camp Yale in Connecticut. Somehow Conrad managed to smuggle Stubby aboard the transport vessel for Europe. Stubby managed to not only survive the rigors of trench warfare but returned from France a highly decorated hero.

He was the first dog to officially receive army rank being designated a private first class on April 5, 1918 (perhaps as a result of saving his unit from a gas attack by barking and waking them when he smelled the gas). Stubby performed numerous other life-saving and heroic efforts including capturing a German soldier. He received numerous medals from not only the US but our allies including France and England.

Stubby was a wardog who was loved and cherished by not only Private Conrad but all the members of his outfit. He is the first of a long string of dogs that have served and continue to serve and help our troops in all arenas and areas of the world. As such, he is a fitting choice for the name of FAIR CANINE FOUNDATION‘s efforts to reunite military dogs with their owners when separated and to help dogs themselves that are transitioning out of their military duties.

While rarely admitted to as it was considered demeaning and even cowardly, “shell-shock” was the term from the World War that we now today know as PTSD. Having helped many of his comrades survive the indescribable ferocity of the front in France we believe Stubby is also a great representative for our efforts to also aid veterans with PTSD who use dogs to help them adjust and recover from its effects. Our other goal under the Sergeant Stubby program is to support the reunificaion of Military Dogs with their Veteran handlers when they have been separated and later returned stateside.

Read a great article with the full story of Sergeant Stubby.

Currently it takes over $2000 to bring a dog home from overseas
and reunite it with its Military Veteran owner.


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